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  • 1969

    The Tax Reform Act, signed by President Nixon, solidifies the distinction between grantmaking and service providing institutions. "Private foundations" are defined by the government.

  • 1977

    IRS issues new regulations about Donor Advised Funds.

  • 1980

    Why Establish a Private Foundation is published.

    Title page from Why Establish a Private Foundation
  • 1984

    Mott Foundation awards the first of more than $2.4 million in challenge grants over a 10-year period to build the capacity of community foundations in seven Southeastern states.

  • 1986

    Council on Foundations launches National Agenda for Community Foundations.

  • 1986

    As recently as 1986, a Gallup Poll conducted for the Joint Center of Political Studies found that 75 percent of philanthropy dollars in the black community are funneled through religious institutions, and that most volunteer activities of blacks are centered around the church. African-American church-based philanthropy greatly benefitted from the growth of the mega-churches which first emerged during the 1980s.